The woman “came alive” in the morgue, but the story still ended tragically

Женщина «ожила» в морге, но история все равно закончилась трагично

11 Jan the negligence of militiaman turned into a tragedy in the Amur region. Several residents of the village Vasilevka has arranged a feast in a private house.

In the morning, the companions noticed that an elderly woman wakes up and lies without signs of life. To deal with the situation, witnesses called the police, writes about Politics.

The employee who arrived from the district Department of the Ministry of interior, had personally examined the victim. He refused to call the ambulance, recognizing the lifeless body of the dead. The policeman gave a woman the representatives of the funeral service, which took her to the morgue as a corpse. Waiting for the decision of all formalities, the relatives started preparing for the funeral.

An employee of the morgue found a bug guard, as in a horror movie. The nurse tried to hang on to the body of the tag number and noticed that the Russian 1956 year of birth has not yet died. The woman revived and began to show signs of life. Then the staff called the team “ambulance”.

The special vehicle was taken the patient to the regional hospital of Belgorod. Specialists of the intensive care unit two hours trying to pull the woman from the world. However, severe hypothermia and alcohol poisoning gave her no chance. About this media said the hospital’s chief doctor Mikhail Danilov.

Negligent police the incident never came. For this reason the Ministry of internal Affairs across the Amur region has begun office check. Its outcome will determine what punishment the employee will suffer for his mistake.