The woman became popular in the Network due to the announcement of the sale of the cabinets (PHOTOS)

Женщина приобрела популярность в Сети из-за необычного объявления о продаже шкафов (ФОТО)

The Network has gained viral popularity of the post with the woman who sells cabinets. She has published on the website of the product, without noticing in the frame of his bare chest.

About the incident told the woman’s daughter Sophia on Twitter, reports.

A woman named Julie decided to sell a few cabinets on the Internet. She took the pictures of the product and published on the website. Some time later she wrote to a potential buyer. He noted that he had noticed on a photo of a naked woman’s Breasts in the mirror.

For some unknown reason, the woman was without underwear when you took the pictures and did not notice the reflection in the mirror hanging between two bookcases. Post the visit daughter Julie for a few days scored 97 thousand likes and 27 thousand retweets.

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