The winter games ended in tragedy, rescuers are searching for bodies near Kiev

Зимние игры закончились трагедией, спасатели ищут трупы под Киевом

Today near the village of Strakholissya while riding a snowmobile on the Kiev reservoir fell through the ice three people, one of them managed to escape on their own, and two others remained under water.

This writes the Politek.

According to updated information, the estimated distance from the failure of the ice to the shore is 2 kilometers, according to the fishermen, the estimated depth of the scene 10 meters.

Today was launched the search operation, which drew to the rescue and diving office Vyshhorod, diving group Mobile rescue center of State emergency service. In addition to the search were involved rescuers of Chernobyl and Ivanovo division of gschs.

Also their assistance in the search provided by the national police and a man who was able to escape on their own. Now in the search for the missing involved 27 rescuers and two hovercrafts “Mars”.

The body of one of the missing men raised to the surface,now continue the search for the second body.