The wife of Prince Charles demanded a divorce media

Жена принца Чарльза потребовала развода - СМИ

The wife of the heir to the British throne Prince Charles, Camilla, who previously refused to accompany her husband to the wedding of his niece Princess Eugenie, demanded a divorce.

It is reported by American and Australian press, in particular, editions of the GLOBE and New Idea, convey the Facts.

According to the media, the 71-year-old Duchess Chornoliska on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the spouse, which he will celebrate on November 14, said he wants to arrange everything as quickly as possible. Charles and along with him all shaken Buckingham Palace: Camilla Parker-Bowles knows too many unpleasant secrets of the Royal family. And will not hesitate to use this after my divorce. However, she allegedly required to pay her $ 400 million.

Although recently it was reported that the couple did not get along (rumored to Charles even kicked the wife out of the house), the requirement of Camille caught the Prince by surprise. Now, as insiders say, with the Duchess of negotiations, which the yard hopes to reach a compromise that will allow the monarchy to “save face”.

In September 2018 Camille alone, without Charles, went to Italy. She rested together with her friends on a luxury yacht.

According to the American media in recent years, Camilla has soured relations not only with husband but also with almost all the members of his family. She has been hitting on Megan Markle, Kate Middleton and even his father Charles is Prince Philip.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles got married in 2005. For both it was a second marriage. Romance Camille Charles began even before his marriage to Diana Spencer.

Earlier it was also known that at the time the Queen did not allow the son to marry Camilla because she wasn’t a virgin and therefore not suited to his bride. As writes the edition Express, this is referred to in the new documentary film “the Royal house of Windsor”. The Royal family believed that the future Queen “should not have a past.”

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