“The war is over, return the Crimea”: Epiphanius, Poroshenko and Bartholomew appealed to Ukrainians

''Война закончится, вернем Крым'': Епифаний, Порошенко и Варфоломей обратились к украинцам

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Epiphanius of Constantinople, Patriarch Bartholomew, together congratulated Ukrainians with getting Thomas and Christmas, reports the observer.

“This year, Christmas for us is a particularly large and particularly solemn. A double celebration, because the Orthodox Church of Ukraine received the Tomos of autocephaly”, – appealed to Ukrainians, the head of state (to view a video prostrate below).

According to him, “our old Church, whose history stretches back to the apostles Prince Vladimir, we were finally released from captivity in Moscow. And she entered the family, which now consists of fifteen independent Orthodox churches.”

In turn, Patriarch Bartholomew noted that getting Thomas is a joy not only for the Ukrainians who live in Ukraine, but also abroad.

“Signing Thomas is a special mission. And it’s a joy not only to Ukrainians living in Ukraine but also abroad. You were born for Christ, but the baptism he received from Constantinople. I wish that baby Jesus, who brought peace to the land and brought peace in Ukraine. The grace of a newborn Savior bless all Ukrainians in a new, 2019. I will always pray for Ukraine, as it did until today,” – said Bartholomew.

Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Epiphanius said that he believes that next year Ukraine will return the Crimea and the occupied territories, and the war in the East of the country will end.

“We believe that next year will reign that long-awaited peace in Ukraine: to be completed the war in the East, we will refund the occupied territories, return the Crimea and all of us will go the way we want to, because the Lord pointed it out, contributing and helping us,” said Epiphany.