The walking dead: the woman in the house was full of zombies

Ходячий мертвец: к женщине в дом ломился зомби

A resident of South Carolina Savannah Brotherton told reporters that one night preparing Christmas cookies and listening to music, when suddenly she was distracted by a noise at the front door. A few days before that, it set on the perimeter of the home surveillance system, Smart writes the magazine.

The woman watched the video from the camera and was stunned. The man at the threshold of literally rushed to the front door – and it looked like a zombie. He was dirty from head to toe and had behaved inappropriately:

“He just rushed at my door again and again – it’s all covered with mud.”

Ходячий мертвец: к женщине в дом ломился зомби

The actions of the men were accompanied by inarticulate grunt. The last blow threw the attacker back, and he helplessly hung on the railing.

Savannah was in shock, but found the strength to pick up a gun and be on the defensive in case the stranger would still be able to break into the house? In addition, she called the police.

Further shots show how the “zombies” running away; the police later found the man in the nearest ditch. The officers saw that he needed medical help, and instead of arrest sent the failed criminal to the hospital.

Ходячий мертвец: к женщине в дом ломился зомби

Savannah shook so happened that she shared her story on Facebook. She also said that she knew how to defend himself, and hoped that she would never have to do this again.