The voice of Stradivarius violins will record to digital

 Голоса скрипок Страдивари запишут на "цифру"

The mayor of Cremona gave the command to block some streets. In the Italian city launched the project digital recording violins created by Antonio Stradivari.

In the Italian city of Cremona launched a project digital recording violins created by Antonio Stradivari. Citizens asked not to make noise, writes The New York Times. Citizens asked not to make noise, reports

Treble voices will be collected in a database Stradivarius Sound Bank. For this purpose three dozen ultra-sensitive microphones. Hall, which is surrounded by cobbled streets and heels or wheels trucks may overlap the tape, so had taken the necessary measures. The mayor of Cremona Gianluca Galimberti, who heads the Foundation Stradivari, gave command to block the surrounding streets and residents urged to keep quiet. The necessity of these measures have seen, when the far room of the building fell on the floor glass and the sound of breaking glass got on the first record, which had to be redone.

Cremona is a city in the Italian region of Lombardy, the administrative center of the homonymous province. International fame was due to the fact that at different times has created violin tools, the illustrious master Nicolo Amati, Antonio Stradivari, Andrea Guarneri, and Carlo Bergonzi.

Antonio Stradivari was born in Cremona presumably in 1644, where he lived and worked to a ripe old age. In addition to violins made guitars, violas, cellos. According to various sources, the number of his works is 1150 units. To date, there are about 650 instruments made by Stradivarius, including about 450 violins.