The value of the “baby box” was two times lower than stated in the government (VIDEO)

Стоимость «бэби-бокса» оказалась в два раза ниже, чем заявили в правительстве (ВИДЕО)

In Ukraine, parents who received the “baby-boxes” after the birth of babies, post their video reviews online. Many people do not like the fact that the cost of such box – 5 thousand hryvnias – inflated.

The corresponding video, for example, on his page in Facebook published the boy’s grandmother Olga Slobodenyuk.

So, she listed the contents of the baby box, made it to the list and found the goods on the Internet. It turned out that the cost of the box – 2 676 thousand UAH. However, the unknown cost of the cardboard “cradle”.

“I counted at market prices, at prices in the shops, was taken as the average price plus a so-called fat”, – said the woman.

Note that if you consider that things for “baby boxes” were purchased in bulk, their cost should be even lower. In addition, Slobodenyuk, questions arose regarding the quality of the “package” child.

Earlier it was reported that the so-called “baby package” with everything you need for the first few months of life would have given at discharge from hospital all born in September. However, women is baby box give the form for the statement should go to the Department of social protection. And there parents of baby do not wait. About this report the Facts.

Pack the baby solemnly presented at the government meeting in the spring. Clothing, diapers, nappies, mattress and all this in a box that can be used as a cradle. In General, set on 5 thousand hryvnias. The first declared that all this will give born on September at the time of checkout.

However, in August the government amended: ordered that the baby boxes will be issued not later than 30 days from birth. The capital’s maternity hospitals has already sent out information, what to say to women in childbirth, when there are no baby boxes. “During the time of discharge parents write a statement showing structural subdivisions on issues of social protection of the population. This statement within 30 days go to this structural unit and there statement get baby-boxes”.

Management of social protection of where to bear the statement on the package of a baby, do not know and direct you to the manual. “Generally speaking, the package of the baby should be given in the hospital,” says the guide.

In the Ministry of social policy gave a written answer that when in the hospital no baby box, you should write the application in Department of social protection, and there will form a one-time assistance in a “package boy”. In the scheme of supplying packages to the kids involved more and speciesto UN. They explained that still work on documents. “A tender, the supplier is a Ukrainian company. Now comes the final approval of certain documents, so I can’t call the company”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the office of the UN office for project services.

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