The US election proved the failure of the policy of trump – European expert

Выборы в США доказали несостоятельность политики Трампа – европейский эксперт

The so-called “midterm elections” in the Parliament of the United States proved the failure of the policy of the current American President Donald trump and his team.

A personal opinion expressed European Explorer Marie Pudemo in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to experts, most people in the United States has actually declared its dissatisfaction with the activities of the local Republican party, preferring the Democrats.

“In this particular case we are not talking about the organization of the impeachment of the head of state noted, in particular, it. But Trump companions is clearly to attend to his PR.” The question of how to remedy this situation, M. Pudemo said the following: “Probably, official Washington should reconsider its position on illegal migrants from Latin America and to abandon the military buildup”.

We will remind, elections in the Upper and Lower chambers of the Supreme legislative body of the United States took place on 8 November this year. An absolute majority in Congress for the first time in the last 8 years was the Democratic party.

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