The US Congress is preparing a fatal blow to the Russian Federation

Конгресс США готовит фатальный удар по РФ

Washington will strike a blow to the ruble and the Russian economy

Continuing from November, the respite in sanctions that Russia gave the first midterm elections to Congress, and then the shutdown of the US government, comes to an end.

After 4-month pause, Congress returns to discuss new measures against Russia, which range from a ban on investments in public debt prior to disconnection of banks from the global dollar payments system. The first hearing in the new composition of Congress will be held on Tuesday, February 12, the Finance Committee of the house of representatives, follows from the announcement on the Agency’s website, writes

Their stated theme – “the Use of sanctions and economic governance in the context of U.S. national security and foreign policy challenges.” Although the Committee intends to consider all sanctioned countries, including Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, “special focus” will be in Russia, said in a Memorandum on the Committee’s website.

In 2014, the United States imposed sanctions on Russian individuals, companies and government agencies for “meddling in the election, the aggression in Ukraine and Crimea, a chemical attack in the UK action in Syria, the failure of the sanctions against the DPRK and violations of human rights”, but these measures were not enough to “hold” the Russian leadership “from attacks on US interests and global values”, says the Committee. In this regard, will be considered measures to “strengthen economic pressure on Russia,” the document says.

Note, Russia “played” with concessions, which can go to mitigate or lifting of sanctions by the US. Sure political analyst on international Affairs Julia Osmolovsky.

According to her, the United States began to mix in a different reasons for which sanctions are imposed.

“Sanctions are imposed because of the poisoning Skrobala, and trump makes statements about the fact that if Russia will be more accommodating in the issues of Syria and Ukraine, the sanctions can be lifted. There is a logical dissonance: why sanctions over Skrobala, and Russia must make concessions on Syria and the Ukraine?” — said the analyst.