The US border skirmish between Mexican drug cartels, killing 24 people

У границы США произошла перестрелка между мексиканскими наркокартелями: погибли 24 человека

In Ciudad Miguel Aleman, near the US border, a skirmish between Mexican drug cartels, which killed 24 people.

Reported by the Associated Press.

As noted, the shooting occurred near the town, which was visited by Donald trump. Fire is associated with the conflict between the Golfo cartel and a faction of the cartel Los Zetas.

Law enforcement authorities reported that they found the body of 21. Later said that he found 3 more bodies.

We will remind, in Mexico a shootout occurred. It is noted that the shooting occurred in a bar in the Caribbean coastal town of the Mexico Playa del Carmen. In the Mexican city of Playa del Carmen on Monday, January 7, in a shooting at a bar killed seven people.