The Ukrainians have ruined the last Russian heavy nuclear cruiser

Украинцы угробили последний российский тяжёлый атомный крейсер

The network extends the story of how the Ukrainians have ruined the last remaining in the ranks of the Russian heavy nuclear cruiser “Peter the Great”

The story of the cruiser “Peter the Great” described on the page in Facebook the blogger with the nickname Ivan N Ivanov:

“The admirals started the repair of the cruiser “Peter the Great”, made, as usual, an imitation of “tender,” the contractor was hired by the Moscow plant “Elektropribor”, which undertook to carry out repairs and replacement of electrical equipment on the ship and its armament, in the amount of 50 million rubles.

Plant Manager, Mr. Muttalib of Amiraliev, and his fellow countrymen of the Sunny Dagestan, type work performed and received money, but then it turned out that almost all of the “refurbished” does not work. Brought the case began to understand, and found that in fact, no repair was not, and was hired by Muttalib engineers FROM UKRAINE, who are happy Dolman everything still worked, but on the outside carefully closed up all the holes, beautifully colored, and piled.

The Muttalib, incidentally, engineers cheated and not paid, but they’re probably not very offended Russian cruiser they could break with joy and for free.

50 million rubles Muttalib shared with the admirals in charge of this “repair”, now they are sitting under a consequence”.

Украинцы угробили последний российский тяжёлый атомный крейсер

Thus, the blogger writes, the Navy of the Russian Federation remained without the last nuclear-powered cruiser and no money.

And added one more example:

“Earlier, in the same way Muttalib had done a “repair” of the missile defence facility under Chekhov (Moscow oblast), and sawed with generals, rocket scientists a few tens of millions of rubles.

In General, prettier, stronger valiant Navy Rasseyushki, money her defense.

By the way, the Elektropribor plant, working since 1942, Muttalib countrymen also ditched the huge losses due to ignorant management and bankruptcy.”