The U.S. Senate blocked new sanctions against Russia

Сенат США заблокировал новые санкции против России

The document was submitted to another examination

The United States Senate has blocked a vote on the bill, which provides for the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation for assistance to the government of Syria.

A document entitled “Strengthening America’s security in the middle East” supported by less than two-thirds of the one hundred senators, reports

While Democrats initially said that they would not vote for any bill, not to end the “shutdown”.

As a result, further consideration of the bill voted only 56 senators with the necessary 60 votes. After that, the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell introduced the document for reconsideration.

A locked document proposes to enshrine in law various sanctions against Syria. The bill also introduces restrictions against Russia and Iran for military aid to Damascus.

The sanctions include blocking in American jurisdiction accounts and property of legal and natural persons, refusal to issue and cancellation of existing U.S. visas to such persons.

In accordance with the document under sanctions is subject to “a foreign person who is a military contractor, a mercenary or paramilitary force, deliberately acting as a war in Syria on behalf of or on behalf of the government of Syria, the government of the Russian Federation or the government of Iran.”

In addition, the restrictive measures provided for virtually any cooperation with the Syrian government, including in the sphere of production of hydrocarbons, supply of aircraft and spare parts for military needs.

The bill Russia, Syria and Iran are accused of strikes on the civilian population and civilian objects, the siege settlements and obstructing the delivery of humanitarian aid there.