The TV channel “espresso”: In Ukraine, a lot of people supporting the agenda of Medvedchuk

Телеканал «Эспрессо»: В Украине очень много людей, поддерживающих повестку дня Медведчука

Viktor Medvedchuk will be the consolidating factor that will unite opposition forces ahead of the elections, because in Ukraine a lot of people with Pro-Russian views, which support the agenda of Medvedchuk.

Such opinion on air of TV channel “espresso” expressed by the political expert Valery Piece, commenting on the balance of forces in the opposition.

According to experts, the entry of the leader of “Ukrainian choice” in command of the party “For life” happened very clearly on the political horizon, and was the starting point of the increasing influence of Medvedchuk.

“After that I formed a clear belief that Viktor Medvedchuk will try to influence Ukrainian politics in the public sphere and consolidate the Pro-Russian electoral field in Ukraine. Because it is very large, despite the fact that today Ukraine is at war,” said the Piece.

Expression of these Pro-Russian sentiment, according to the expert, and trying to become Medvedchuk, although his consistent political line was not formed recently, but has existed for many years.

“Medvedchuk has never hidden his views on friendship and cooperation with Russia, he consistently defends. Is it possible to reproach him that he is doing something wrong? Medvedchuk is a Ukrainian citizen, and there are no violations on which it could be applied to administrative or even criminal action no. Yes, he has a look like this, but you are unable to prosecute,” — said Valery Piece.

Given the support in the community, Medvedchuk would become the consolidating factor, which will unite the fragments of the former “Party of regions”, the expert admits.

“I believe that the job Medvedchuk is the creation of such a unified opposition front. Please note, today, the media do not sound any loud statements about who will be the single candidate from “Opposition block”, “For life” Rabinovich and other supporters. Around that holds a certain intrigue, and we can hope for is to make assumptions”, — noted the expert.

In his opinion, today the opposition forces are carrying out sociological research on the issue, in which case they will receive the largest percentage of votes: if you go to the polls as a United front — or separately.

“And I am more than convinced that eventually they will unite into a single coalition and go to elections as a United front” — summed Valery Piece.

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