The truck rammed the bus In an accident in Russia injured 12 people (PHOTO)

Грузовик протаранил автобус: В ДТП в России пострадали 12 человек (ФОТО)

In the Tver region of Russia on the track “M9 Baltiya” on the night of 15 October, the truck crashed into the bus. In the accident injured 12 people.

As reported the Investigative Committee of Russia in the region, “cars of the opposite direction and the bus stood waiting for the truck, and the truck, which is moved in the direction of Velikie Luki – Moscow did not have time to brake before the car passing the truck and collided with a bus”.

“The shot hit the rear right side of the bus. Inertia bus collided with a passenger car VAZ and Mazda, shifting them off the road and then crashed into a trailer truck that does not have time to complete the maneuver and return to its lane”, – stated in the SC code.

The minor involved in an accident with injuries. The remaining victims with injuries of varying severity taken to the hospital. At the scene working investigators and criminologists.

Previously on Victory Avenue in Kiev demolished Jaguar Alfa Romeo and pushed the car onto the sidewalk.

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