The transfer of the Constantinople St. Andrew’s Church is similar to the geopolitical bribe – MP

Передача Константинополю Андреевской церкви похожа на геополитическую взятку – депутат

The transfer of the Constantinople St. Andrew’s Church reminds geopolitical bribe and is contrary to article 11 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said MP of Ukraine Vasyl Nimchenko.

“The transfer of the premises for the service of God in geographically different GIS use, but without the right of disposal in these circumstances reminds me of a geopolitical trick. Looks very nice and for the laity, it sounds insulting. This deal can be made regarding the disposition of property of the state by the President. It is not an entity”, – said the Deputy.

According to V. Nimchenko, Poroshenko does not have the authority to dispose of the property of Ukraine, the property of the Ukrainian people.

“That is the question – the property of territorial communities of the parish. I am more than confident that the casket was opened, and that any sauce will take (churches – Ed.) the laity of the Orthodox Church canonical, including the monastery. And any sauce will be transferred to other patriarchs in management and in use. It will not cause unity and will not be a unifying factor of our nation. It would be contrary to article 11 of the Constitution, which generally does not and cannot provide that we can divide people by religion. Why do it? I can guess. But voices won’t. We are waiting for big trouble, and you will be a witness to this. I think that it will be a choice of power”, – he said.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in General the presidential bill No. 9208, which approved the transfer of St. Andrew’s Church to the Ecumenical Patriarchate to hold services, religious rites, ceremonies and processions. The building itself will remain in state ownership.

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