The tragedy in Odessa became aware of the details of the crane collapse

Трагедия в Одессе: стали известны подробности падения крана

After the tragedy at the construction site were gunshots guard, do not miss activists

Became known new details of the tragedy in Odessa, where construction on the beach “Langeron”, the crane fell, crushing a worker to death. The police reported that information about the accident came in a call center of about 15:45.

“Already at 16:15 the place was soon that pronounced him dead and informed the police. After receiving official information of the event registered in the log and sent investigative team,” — said Advisor to the head of the regional administration of Ukraine Ruslan Forostyak, reports

In his words, “at 16:45 arrived in coz and, given the death of the employee, and the circumstances forbidden to touch the faucet itself and disrupt the situation at the scene”.

In the Department of communication of allpolicies we were told that the police began the investigation under the article on violation of safety rules during the execution of works with high risk.

  • Трагедия в Одессе: стали известны подробности падения крана

A few hours later after the incident at the construction site was attended by activists who had previously opposed this project and pointed to the violations. Between them and representatives of the private security firm the conflict began, during which even the shots rang out.

“One of the guards shot in the air, on this fact opened the proceedings under article 296 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (“Hooliganism” — Ed.)”, — militiamen explained.

According to activists, the authorities construction had allegedly tried to hide what happened.

“Crane tried to raise and put on the wheel to get him to fix the tragedy as a bit different: the fall of the fence or something like that. Not a single worker had not been executed”, — told us the ecologist Vladislav Balinsky, referring to communication with the employees and residents of a nearby hotel.

When the journalists of “Today” I tried to talk to the workers at the construction site, they avoided answering questions, and one even stated that nothing was falling, pointing to a tower crane. Meanwhile, in the administration of the Dolphinarium, which is closely adjacent the construction site, the statements of the activists deny.

“Relatives (of the deceased. — Ed.) was notified about the situation and arrived at the scene. All events, the work of the operational group, lifting equipment and extracting the body doctors took place under their observation. Faucet, to carry out the work is the property of the contractor. The decision to progress was taken by the operator of the crane. To the customer has not received any comments from the operator or contractor company. All work was conducted on the basis of contractual relations”, — told us the Director of development of the Dolphinarium Fazil Askerov.