The tragedy in Magnitogorsk: the city bid farewell to the first victims

 Трагедия в Магнитогорске: в городе прощаются с первыми погибшими

In Magnitogorsk pass the first funeral of victims as a result of collapse of one of the entrances of ten-storied house on 31 December. Before MOE has completed the search and rescue operation from-under blockages were retrieved the bodies of 39 victims. It is expected that on Friday, January 4, will be buried six dead, on Saturday and nine on Sunday.

In the farewell ceremony with family Kramarenko — dead under the rubble of Igor and Anastasia, and their eight month old daughter Milana, took part the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky. Just attended the event, about 100 people — relatives, friends of the victims and concerned residents of the city, reports vestige.

According to the press service of the regional Ministry of health, in all the ceremonies of farewell and funeral are on duty urgent care doctors and psychologists. At the memorial lunch will be on duty brigade ambulance.

Having laid the flowers, the Governor Dubrovsky went on a personal reception of citizens, which he leads for the third day, reports TASS. The head of the region also instructed to upgrade the area and create a memorial on the site of the collapse of the entrance.

In the discussion of the project of the memorial will involve the residents of the affected house, residents and the authorities, said the press Secretary of the Governor of the region Dmitry Fedechkin. It is assumed that one wall of the house shall be written the names of the victims, on the other — painted the moment of salvation 11-month-old baby Vani Fokina lifeguard Peter Gritsenko and shows the icon.