The theme of Ukraine’s Thomas can lead to schism in the world Orthodoxy – the expert

Тема получения Украиной Томоса может привести к расколу всемирного православия - эксперт

The theme of Ukraine’s Thomas can lead to a split in the world of Orthodoxy.

This opinion in comments, ГолосUA expressed by political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“11 Oct Twitter President Poroshenko was first written, that Ukraine gave Tomos, and I was given autocephaly. The first question is what is not true, that is the decision of the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In my opinion, we are seeing a situation for a possible split of the world of Orthodoxy, because the Patriarch of Constantinople in the decision, wrote that they, first, think subconsciously that part of the territory of Ukraine is the Kiev metropolis and which is subordinate to the Patriarch of Constantinople,” – said the expert.

The analyst added that the topic of Ukraine and the Tomos of autocephaly convenient for the Administration of the President of Ukraine on Bankova street to manipulate public opinion and divert the attention of Ukrainians from explosions and fire in Ichnya (Chernihiv region)

“Now comes the manipulation. I think that Bank in the media field is not much good news to divert attention from the situation in Ichnya (fire in military warehouses – ed.) and they’re grasping at everything you can,” added the analyst.

We will remind, at the session of the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople on 11 October it was decided to continue the procedure for the granting of the Tomos of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Thus, officially launched the procedure for granting autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.

Prior to this, the UOC-KP said that the Holy Ecumenical Patriarchate lifted the anathema of Patriarch Filaret, and also took a decision on the recognition of the illegal annexation of the Kyivan Metropolitanate in 1686. This information was confirmed himself Filaret.

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