The Tatar community has put forward nine requirements to Putin – news ZIK.UA

On 13 October, the Union of Tatar youth “Azatlyk” held a rally of memory of defenders of Kazan who fell in the capture of the city by troops of Ivan the terrible in 1552.

The action was attended by about 250 people, writes Free Idel-Ural.

Татарська громадськість висунула дев’ять вимог до Путіна – новини ZIK.UA

Among those present was distributed resolution of the event, which is also written in the Tatar language. The document lists nine demands of the protesters to the government. They mainly concerned the provisions of the state (Tatar) language, statehood, and also the ratio of power at all levels.

In particular, they called for the return of the Constitution of Tatarstan, adopted in 1992.

The protesters also expressed confidence in the Russian state Duma Deputy from Tatarstan and encouraging them for adoption of the law, which cancels the obligation of learning the official language of the Republic of Tatarstan.

– They should resign from their parliamentary seats, then they need to hold new elections, – stated in the resolution.

There are a separate item demanded the return of compulsory teaching of the state language of the Republic of Tatarstan and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

From the Tatarstan government, the protesters demanded to officially recognize October 15 as the Day of remembrance and to celebrate this day accordingly.

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