The task is not easy: the Bride with 47-m size shoes looking for wedding shoes the whole country (PHOTOS)

Задачка не из легких: Невесте с 47-м размером обуви ищет свадебные туфли вся страна (ФОТО)

The growth of the 49-year-old Julie Felton, pharmacist, Shropshire, England, almost two meters, and Shoe size, according to her, more than any other women in the UK. Which creates problems when searching for cherished wedding shoes.

It is reported by The Sun.

Julie usually wore men’s shoes. But on the eve of important events — weddings — the question arose about finding beautiful women’s shoes. Where only the British were not looking for shoes for a day, but it was all in vain. And the reason for non-standard size feet Julie stop was in the entire length of 30.5 cm made the British, according to her, a kind of record holder.

Задачка не из легких: Невесте с 47-м размером обуви ищет свадебные туфли вся страна (ФОТО)

“As far as I know, of all the women I have the biggest foot in the country. <…> But, like any other bride, I want my outfit was perfect, including shoes,” says Julie Felton.

Once a woman was married — 24 years ago. Then she managed to get shoes. Julie made them to order. But then she spray-painted them black, and married life came to naught. The bride is again thought to get an exclusive couple.

But now such work will cost a thousand pounds (85 thousand rubles). And Julie is not willing to pay for it that much. British hopes for a lucky break, as her partner, 44-year-old storekeeper Steve Evans, who five centimetres lower sweetheart — 191 cm They are asking anyone who knows where I can get some of the treasured shoes to help them.

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