The “swine flu” had killed 15 people in Georgia

«Свиной грипп» убил 15 человек в Грузии

From complications of “swine flu” (H1N1) in Georgia this winter have died 15.

It is reported portal The First News.

These data provided the head of national Agency for disease control and public health of Georgia Amiran Gamkrelidze. What patients died from this type of influenza confirmed by laboratory investigations.

“Among the dead – citizens aged 22 to 45 years. Two of them died the day before,” – said Gamkrelidze.

So, the next case was the death of 24-year-old man in Kutaisi in the West of the country. He went to the clinic, but later.

Despite the deaths from H1N1, the flu epidemic in Georgia to be announced.

Meanwhile, earlier, it was confirmed 10 fatalities of the disease the so-called “swine flu” (H1N1 subtype of influenza A virus).