The Swedish city of Kiruna will move through a real threat to sink into the ground – news ZIK.UA

Шведське місто Кіруна перенесуть через реальну загрозу провалитися під землю – новини ZIK.UA

Arctic city will take a distance of 3 km, so it is not a failure of mine that it created.

145 km North of the Arctic circle, lies Kiruna. Located between two mountains, is a small but spacious city, with a population of 18,000 people. North of town is mount Luossavaara, in the South-West – the current mine Kronauer, – informs the Huffington Post.

This century-old mine, from which depends the prosperity and decline of Kiruna. Daily mine workers loaded 6 800 tons of iron ore on the train to the Norwegian port of Narvik, and then distributed around the world. Recycled steel, this ore is enough to produce 40,000 cars a day.

However mine not only contributes to the prosperity of the city, but destroys it.

The tunnels under the city, threatening its existence. Near the mine is already showing cracks and subsidence of the surface. According to estimates, the part of the city centre will go under the ground before the end of this century.

Therefore the municipality together with the state mining company LKAB marked with a red line dangerous part of the city. All buildings that fall within the hazard zone, which includes shops, city Council, restaurants, cafes, schools and homes will be destroyed or, if they are of historical or cultural value, moved to 3 km further.

Moving cities is not something new. The city of Hibbing, Minnesota, USA, was moved to 3 km in the 1910-ies, through the mine. The same fate befell the small town of Malmberget, located next to Kiruna. A significant part of Kiruna will be moved approximately up to 2030.

The English translation of Oksana Vergeles, IA ZIK

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