The Supreme court of Venezuela has banned the leader of the opposition, Guido to leave the country

Верховный суд Венесуэлы запретил лидеру оппозиции Гуайдо выезжать из страны

The Supreme court of Venezuela has banned the leader of the opposition, Juan Guido that on 23 January he declared himself head of state, to leave the country.

The head of the Supreme court of Venezuela Meikel Moreno announced on Tuesday, local television, reports Voice of America.

The court order also blocked all Bank accounts in the name of Guido and deal with property belonging to it, despite a warning from Washington of “grave consequences” of such steps. In addition, the Supreme court granted the request of the public Prosecutor of Venezuela, Tarek Saab about the beginning of the preliminary investigation against Guido on charges of aid to foreign countries of meddling in the internal Affairs of the country.

Being the speaker of Parliament, Guido enjoys immunity from prosecution to allow only the Supreme court. However, the highest judicial authority of the country loyal to Nicolas Maduro, promptly gave permission to the Prosecutor to initiate an investigation against Guido. It is assumed that this is a response to wide-ranging sanctions imposed by the US against state oil company PDVSA. Washington announced new sanctions on Monday.

The sanctions mean that the state oil company will not be able to fulfill the obligations of contracts with customers in North America. This was reported by representatives of the Venezuelan government. The sanctions have provoked the rise in world oil prices, caused a negative reaction from Russia and China, and the first serious steps against Guido from the time when he questioned the legitimacy of the presidency to Maduro last week.

Commenting on reports about the intentions of the Prosecutor General of Venezuela to haunt Guido, Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton warned of “serious consequences for those who are trying to destroy democracy and harm, Guido”. Bolton wrote on Twitter, calling Tarek Saab “illegitimate former attorney General of Venezuela”.

Recall that in the course of the protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were arrested 850 people killed 40 people.