The storm turned to the ruins of the waterfront in the Olympic Park in Sochi (VIDEO)

Шторм превратил в развалины набережную в Олимпийском парке Сочи (ВИДЕО)

In the storm that raged on 4 January in the Russian city of Sochi, was badly damaged Embankment in the Olympic Park.

Local media released footage of the destruction on YouTube.

Storm damaged paving, bike paths, passed the pedestrian area of stones and pebbles from the beach, broke electric poles.

Information about the cost of restoration work there.

Embankment in Sochi Olympic Park is not the first time suffering from the storms, said “Live Kuban”. According to experts, this has resulted in unfortunate geographical location (the Park is located in Imereti lowland), as well as errors in the design and construction of the breakwater structures.

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