The status of veterans of the UPA creates another point of the clash of positions and opinions – expert

Предоставление статуса ветеранов воинам УПА создает еще одну точку столкновения позиций и взглядов – эксперт

The status of veterans to the soldiers of the OUN and UPA creates another point of collision positions and views.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Andrei Zolotarev.

“This is another symbolic step in the humanitarian policy pursued by the government. In fact, politicians make the humanitarian sphere in the territory of war and confrontation. Surviving UPA veterans as world war II, very few. However, in the context of the policy pursued by the government is not closer and not as advanced as the outside. Rather, it creates another point of the clash of positions and opinions. This is absolutely a political move, the human there is very little,” said Alexander Zolotarev.

According to him, the government before the election focused on the right constituency.

“The government has decided to set himself a super patriot. Although, by and large, this is not a step of restoring the historical justice. This is another step of the transformation of the humanitarian sector in the territory of war” – summed up Alexander Zolotarev.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted on second reading and in General bill No. 8519 the status of veterans, persons who participated in the struggle for the independence of Ukraine, including the Ukrainian insurgent army.

Under the bill, as at 23 may 2018, the number of persons who were part of the OUN and UPA, is 1201.

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