The state Duma prepares the isolation of Runet

Госдума готовит изоляцию Рунета

Roskomnadzor will be a new mechanism for blocking information

At the meeting on Tuesday, February 12, the state Duma adopted in the first reading the bill about the isolation of the Russian segment of the Internet.

This writes Meduza.

So, for the adoption of the bill voted 334 deputies, against – 47. It is curious that against the bill were made by the representatives of all factions, except the “United Russia”.

The head of the profile Committee on information policy Leonid Levin said some of the changes demanded by the provisions of the bill, and also announced that this can be done for the second reading.

A bill to isolate the Russian segment of the Internet was offered by Senator Andrey Klishas, which, however, he did not attend the meeting. It is assumed that the innovations that define the document will be a response to new cyber security strategy of the United States. The main reasons why the bill has been criticized, – the restriction of freedom of speech, as well as the potential power to turn off the Internet in a “convenient” time for yourself – during the protests, rallies, etc., as well as a large amount of funds that will be spent on the implementation of the state budget.

If the bill is adopted, Roskomnadzor will be a new mechanism for blocking illegal content. This is currently done through the operators, and then will occur in a single center.