The star of “the eagle and Tails” told her about the kiss with Zelensky (VIDEO)

Звезда «Орла и Решки» рассказала о поцелуе с Зеленским (ВИДЕО)

Ukrainian TV presenter and actress Anastasia Short remembered how kissing with Vladimir Zelensky and told how it reacted to her husband Andrew Poor.

About it it is told in the “Glory” conveys an Apostrophe.

Nastya played one of the lead roles in the romantic Comedy “Quarter 95” – “I, you, he, she”. Beloved her character was played by Vladimir Zelensky. The actors had to kiss on set.

“This is not a personal kiss, and the kiss working. And I wanted it to be beautiful. So as it was there, I didn’t obsess. I wanted to make it look nice: chin the second is not much protruded, that it was lovingly, gently,” said Short. Anastasia added that takes this scene had a lot.

The film tells about complicated family relationships. The main characters Maxim and Yana (Vladimir Zelensky and Anastasia Short) lived for 10 years in marriage. However, the pair decided to divorce and try to find new happiness, but out of wedlock. Heroes their new relationship became Boris and Helen (Eugene Mishka and Nadia Dorofeeva). The movie will be released on December 27.

Recall, Short was the leading travel show “heads and Tails”. Her co-host was Andrew Poor. The couple married in 2014, a year later was born their daughter Ksenia. 2018 Nastya is a member of the “Women’s quarter”.