The star of “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz showed her husband with children (PHOTO)

Звезда «Квартал 95» Елена Кравец показала мужа с детьми (ФОТО)

41-year-old Ukrainian actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” likes to make his personal life public, however, sometimes still shares with his followers Mimino photos of twins.

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But this time to the familiar picture of “kids in the back,” added another, and their broad-shouldered daddy, Sergei Kravets, who decided to support the idea of children and postmaterialist the window.

These three made a real furor among subscribers celebrities, and I got a bunch of compliments and serdechek under the photo. By the way, Elena herself funny added under the image:

“And you did not sign?..”

Звезда «Квартал 95» Елена Кравец показала мужа с детьми (ФОТО)

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