The soundtrack failed: Ani Lorak celebrated New year in the company Gazmanov and Reva

Фонограмма подвела: Ани Лорак встретила Новый год в компании Газманова и Ревы

In the New year’s eve in Abu Dhabi hosted a Russian festival of Russian Music Festival, which featured disgraced Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, an ardent fan of Putin and “krymnasha” Oleg Gazmanov, Alexander Reva and other celebrities. Reports from Russian “squad” for many years, the repertoire remains the same, he sang the song “White snow”.

At the same time, Ani Lorak at the event came in a bright short dress which was opened to the wider public her legs and other parts of the body. It is worth noting that the artist on the background of the scandal with the betrayal of her husband Murat and divorce, and significantly improved – this is evident when she is trying to repeat the traditional dance moves. Besides, it is good to hear that the actress summed up the soundtrack, because it is clearly not about the voice, the notes falls at all times.

The budget of this event is still unknown, although it is not excluded that the occasion made some inroads sponsors: many fireworks, lots of guests, expensive costumes and sets.