The sopranos : Tony Soprano is he really dead ? The creator of the series finally responds !

Les Soprano : Tony Soprano est-il vraiment mort ? Le créateur de la série répond enfin !

Twelve years after the end of the Soprano, the creator of the american series finally reveals what really happened to the hero, Tony.

Tony Soprano is he really dead at the end of the series ? Twelve years after the end of the Soprano, the series american cult of HBO, fans wonder again. Doubt still hangs on the fate of the godfather of the mafia, embodied by the actor James Gandolfini, who died in 2013. In the last episode of season 6, Tony Soprano is about to have dinner with his family in a restaurant. The song Don’t Stop Believing “is heard, his wife arrives, and then their son, and finally their daughter. When she is about to push the door of the restaurant, Tony looks up and then comes a black screen : end of the series !

Fans of the Soprano have developed many theories and the creator, David Chase, has always been very enigmatic about it. Yet, he just might change the deal and give, finally, the answer to the viewers. In a book entitled The Sopranos Sessions, which analysis the successful series, David Chase seems to have accidentally revealed what really happened to Tony Soprano. “I think I had imagined this scene of death nearly two years before the end”, he replied to the two authors of the book, Matt Zoller Seitz, and Alan Sepinwall. When they have him noted that he had spoken of “scene of death”, David Chase was a pause, before responding : “I fuck.”

He wanted to put an end, once and for all, to theories and to questions about the end of the Soprano ? Or has he actually revealed that Tony Soprano was dead ? Fans will be able to interpret it as they see fit.