The scientists said that the turn in the Sun in the next 10 billion years

Ученые рассказали, во что превратится Солнце в ближайшие 10 миллиардов лет

According to the data obtained by the ESA satellite Gaia white dwarfs — the remnants of stars like our Sun — at a certain point of its life cycle begins to crystallize and can become giant diamonds.

This was reported in the journal Nature.

— We got the first unequivocal evidence that the matter of the white dwarfs gradually kristallizuetsya. This means that the sky really is there are millions of diamond spheres, — said Pier-Emmanuel Direction from Warwick University.

It is noted that the dead stars are of particular interest to astrophysicists because they can very accurately determine the distance in space. Also researchers are not haunted by the unknown composition and structure of these objects, one of which in the next 10 billion years, the scientists predict, will become our Sun.

My assumption scientists build on the analysis of more than 15 thousand white dwarfs, distant from the Earth at a distance of 300 light years.

We will remind, analysts at Saxo Bank published its “shocking forecasts” for the year 2019. So, next year is the 25th solar cycle will turn to Land a string of problems, not characteristic of the past 24.