The scientist: expanding the list of sanctions of the Russian Federation is the list of Medvedchuk

Политолог: Расширение списка санкций РФ - это список Медведчука

“Striking that unites people in new sanctions list: they are all people who have a conflict with one of the leaders of the Opposition platform “For life” Viktor Medvedchuk. Here and out “For life” Eugene Moore, said bluntly about the work of Medvedchuk on Russia and its intelligence agencies.”, writes in his blog on the website, the Explorer, the scientist Anna Goranova.

“Here and all those who remained in the “Opposition bloc” and not gone after Yury Boyko and Sergey Levochkin – Boris Kolesnikov, Vadim Novinsky, Alexander Vilkul, Yuri Nikolaev, brothers Dobkin, Tetyana Bakhteyeva, Alex White (by the way, did not vote with the exception of Yury Boyko and Sergey Levochkin faction Yefim Zvyagilsky and Sergey Kivalov in the sanctions list was not included, which is another proof in favor of the principle on which the document was formed and who was behind its creation),” notes the expert. Geranova believes if the document, which appeared on 1 November, can be called “Medvedev’s List”, the new document could be called “List of Medvedchuk”, because he very eloquently accents and shows who in Ukraine is a real systemic opposition, and who – “fifth column”.

“The fact that Russia is extremely little understanding of the situation in Ukraine (not less bad than Ukrainian politicians understand Russian realities), it has long been clear. But not by as much! The Russian factor and the foreign policy orientation of Russia has long ceased to be the determining factor for the Ukrainian South-East. Opposition-minded resident of Mariupol, the Dnepr, Kharkov, Odessa and even lives sentiments for political revenge and the transition of Ukraine under Russian protectorate instead of the us. He hates (mostly) Poroshenko, but that doesn’t mean he wants to see at the head of the country Putin or his protege. The protection of the Russian language, Russian culture and the canonical Church – in his mind not protect the interests of Medvedev and Shoigu. There is a special form of Ukrainian patriotism without shirts and “glory to Ukraine”, without the singing of the national anthem and without the worship of OUN-UPA, but it is ignored as Ukrainian patriots and Moscow”, said the analyst.

She believes that in this way Russia, as it turned out, simply do not see that there is another Ukraine. Of course, if the main expert on Ukraine is Viktor Medvedchuk, proving that his protege Yuri Boyko can advance to the second round of the presidential elections and even win. And if you do not win, it will set the tone for the next political season, significantly strengthening the Russian factor in Ukrainian politics. “And it is not yet clear who had a disservice – Medvedev Boyko and Lyovochkin and Medvedchuk Medvedev. But, it seems that Russia has completely lost any semblance of a strategic thread in their relations with Ukraine.”

Source: Obozrevatel