The Russians have ridiculed Putin, who rode “the goat” – news ZIK.UA

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko rode together on “GAZ-69”, which is popularly known as “goats”.

Video showed the network the journalist Dmitry Smirnov.

Росіяни висміяли Путіна, який проїхався на «козлику» – новини ZIK.UA

“Wound up, went: Putin, Lukashenko and GAZ-69” – he wrote.

Not all Russians have appreciated a test drive.

“A bunch of Soshnikov for taxes starving people guarding rather childlike old man who plays with toy cars, and it is dozens of cameras and shown to the starving b*DLU…” – outraged in the comments.

“Protection, I’ve run around, as Kim….”.

“All problems are solved, now I can ride”.

“To restore the Soviet Union probably go…”.

Arms concern “Kalashnikov” was exhibited at the international forum “-2018 Army” model military robot with the working name “Igor”. It will be controlled by the machine for the solution of engineering and military roles. Weighs 4.5 tons.

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