The rubble in Magnitogorsk suspended due to the threat of a building collapse

 Разбор завалов в Магнитогорске приостановили из-за угрозы обрушения здания

The rubble and a search operation on a place of state of emergency in Magnitogorsk suspended for nearly a day, until the elimination of the threat of collapse, it is told in the message of EMERCOM in the Chelyabinsk region.

“The government Commission in the course of detailed analysis of the building according to his visual inspection and special devices made the decision to dismantle the overhanging structures and walls of the entrance 7” – quoted by RIA Novosti.

According to the head EMERCOM of Yevgeny Senicheva in the continuation of the rubble “there is a real threat of collapse of the building”. “The wall of the seventh door loses stability to continue working in such conditions is not possible”, – said Senichev, whose words are given on the website of EMERCOM.

“According to preliminary estimates, this work may take almost a day. Only after the threat of collapse will be eliminated, will continue analysis of blockages and search operation”, – is spoken in the message.

About 4.00 GMT (3:00 Moldova) on Monday in Magnitogorsk, according to preliminary data, explosion of household gas there was a collapse of one of the entrances of ten-storied house at the Karl Marx Avenue, building 164. In the area of the collapse, lived 120 people.

According to MOE, killed eight people, five are in hospitals.