The results of the work, the government has shown on your toes

Итоги работы власти показали на пальцах

“For whom to vote, the question would not stand at all”

The expert listed the points that would speak about the effectiveness of the current government, but was never implemented.

This was the head of political programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Yuri Romanenko writes on his page in Facebook, reports

“So, again, why not Poroshenko. In front of me was not at all the question of for whom to vote on 31 March, if the list of our victories after 5 years after independence looked more concrete and tangible,” writes the expert.

Among those victories, he calls the increase in gas production of 25 billion cubic meters and the transformation of Ukraine from an importer in a small (7-10 yards) but an exporter of gas to Europe. The market went to a major foreign gas and oil companies from USA, Europe, China.

Romanenko also calls these items:

Built or is being completed with the plant for nuclear fuel production and Ukraine moved to a fully closed nuclear cycle. Finish building two power units at Khmelnitsky NPP.

The Navy received two new frigates and 10 missile boats, plus maintained 1-2 class frigate “Oliver Perry” from the United States.

Built two new refineries that can process Arabic and Caucasian oil with the degree of processing of 96%.

In addition, the expert drew attention to the infrastructure. In particular, believes that this time should be

Built rokadnoy road to two lanes from Happiness Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk-Pokrovsk-Volnovaha – Mariupol further built through the highway Mariupol-Kherson-Nikolaev-Odessa-Izmail. In parallel built a new railway line connecting the South of Ukraine and breaking the threat of the siege of Azov by Russia;

Made the reconstruction of roads on all key transport corridors. Adopted a national strategy for the development of infrastructure in 15 years.

Итоги работы власти показали на пальцах

In addition, Romanenko said that should remotetestrunner leasing program that pozvolyat bring the production An-148 to 7-10 units per year. The program must be linked to the infrastructure programme “Regional airport”, which focuses on the development of air transportation between the regional centers of Ukraine. Received the first of two cargo An-188 for the Ukrainian air force with the Pratt& Whitney engines.

He also sees the following mandatory items:

The tax burden on business is reduced to a minimum level in the EU (e.g. Romania, Bulgaria). You need to compete for capital.

Identified five major projects for the five basic regions (West, East, South, Centre, Kiev) , which prioritaires the prospects of their development for 15-20 years.

In prison there were a couple of major oligarchs, a couple of hundred representatives of the titular classes (prosecutors, cops, judges, attendants). OPG defeated. Institute of the beholder disappeared.

On the border with Russia and Belarus is built a full wall with modern tracking systems.

In addition, the expert notes that during this time already needs to be rationalization of public administration. Removed all duplication of functions, unnecessary permit system and institutions. The real size of the rollback was reduced to 10%. Local authorities have received real tools for development.

Notes that must be carried out land reform created Land Bank. The state had to provide for the leasing of agricultural machinery, etc., etc. in a similar spirit. In General, focuses on the real sector. As you know, producing the nation thrive, and non-productive envy them.

Итоги работы власти показали на пальцах

“An experiment was initiated in the education system where the most simplified conditions for the creation of private schools and universities. Abolished stupid standards from the time of king Peas. Resources the state is still not enough. So let it not prevent to find the optimal shape of modern learning,” says Romanenko.

Also among the punch power, he sees what is still not established the State Academy of public administration, which would have put on a stream manufacture of frames for regional and local administrations.

“If half of this were made, then, generally, there would be no question to vote for Poroshenko or not… well, pardon me,” — concluded the expert.

Итоги работы власти показали на пальцах