The result of the presidential election may decide bought voice – analyst

Результат президентских выборов могут решить скупленные голоса – политолог

The result of the presidential elections in Ukraine can decide bought votes.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“Already from the field reported that are preparing a massive network for buying votes. This is the message of the journalist Dubinsky. Sources in the Kyiv region confirmed the existence of two schemes. One of them included the formation of the foremen and the issuance of certain amounts to the foremen who must bring ten people to vote for a particular candidate. Another scheme, which now runs, provides a banal bribe voters for the sum from 500 to 2000 thousand UAH for their voice. All these schemes are connected with the power. Therefore, the grass-roots level of bribery is now at the stage of development, structure and formation of these networks. The Ministry of internal Affairs has with it is hard to fight”, – said R. Bortnik.

He said that the second level of fraud – the work of election commissions.

“Starting from the candidates of the spoilers (which have no chance to win, but to delay a part of votes – ed.) to how will be formed the election Commission. In particular, the current work of the CEC is already causing grounded doubts in respect to the fact that the Central election Commission will be independent and unbiased, and will also serve the interests of society, not the individual politicians who are in power. The scale of bribery in 2019 will be unprecedented. This is due to the mass poverty of the citizens, as well as the fact that people are disappointed in politicians and believe that it is better to take 1000 hryvnia, because they are all the same. If the interior Ministry will not take an active position in this question, the result of the election can decide bought votes”, – concluded R. Bortnik.

We will remind, the police have received 47 reports of election irregularities – 2019.