The rejection of the dinner provokes the body to save more body fat in the daytime – expert

Отказ от ужина провоцирует организм откладывать больше жира в дневное время - эксперт

A waiver of any meal slows down the body and, figuratively speaking, gives the body a signal that you need to be valuable organisms for the future – ie get fat. And because even a dinner pass is not worth it, not to abandon it deliberately.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

The advice to “not eat after 6 p.m.” for those who will lay down at 9 to sleep, but have you come home at 7-8 after work, there is a need. Just make sure that the snack was easy and useful.

“At any time of the day the body should not feel hunger, otherwise the internal mechanisms that trigger the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Besides, it’s not very useful for the gastrointestinal tract, especially if you have high acidity. Of course, do not eat before bedtime pasta or burgers, but a glass of nonfat yogurt, a yogurt or a small bowl of light cottage cheese with berries will be very useful,” said the nutritionist.

By the way, the rejection of the dinner and long stay without food slows down the metabolism, calorie burning, which occurs even when you sleep also slows down. For this reason, you should not miss one of the meals, the most important of which is Breakfast.

Often women who want to lose weight by cutting calories, try to start eating as late as possible.

“All you achieve this way is a slower metabolism. That is, in fact, not consuming calories half a day, and do not burn, because food and liquid is run the metabolic processes in the body. Well, the regular lack of Breakfast can lead to “situational”, but to a continuous slowing down the process of metabolism, resulting in a set of extra pounds more than fat steak for dinner,” warns nutritionist.

Experts recommend that women who care about health and body shape, there are small portions, 5-6 times a day. Moreover, it is necessary to start with Breakfast – ideally, 40-45 minutes after waking up.