The rat was hunted cat on the street and “blew up” the Internet (VIDEO)

Крыса устроила охоту на уличного кота и «взорвала» интернет (ВИДЕО)

The Internet is gaining popularity funny video shot on the streets of Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg).

The video appeared on YouTube.

The footage can be seen as a street cat, sitting on the steps of the store, I noticed on the opposite side of the road rat, which happily ran on the sidewalk about their business.

The hunting instinct is triggered instantly. The cat rushed in for the kill, but something went wrong. Rat, instead to escape, counterattacked the predator, drawing the animal in cowardly flight. Brave rodent a few tens of meters chased the cat through the city streets, showing him who was boss.

Recall that after the Chinese bought the “puppy Spitz” who’s a Fox, there were reports about another Chinese man, poorly versed in Zoology.

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