The question of the UPA continues to split the Ukrainian society – the expert

Вопрос отношения к УПА  продолжает раскалывать украинское общество – эксперт

The fact of the UPA soldiers the status of combatants “painted” first and foremost political symbols.

About this on air of the program “Right to vote” on ГолосТV political expert Anton Kolesnikov.

A law granting members of the OUN-UPA status of combatants needed now in order to please their own voters – the voters residing in Western Ukraine, said A. Kolesnikov.

“The fact that Parliament has granted to soldiers of the UPA, the status of combatants, is one of the steps that the Ukrainian government started to do immediately after 2014. The current government do not hide their piety to the representatives of the OUN-UPA. They were originally presented to the Ukrainian people as the main characters of those times – the fighters for independence of Ukraine. It was a moral recognition, and there has been a formal determination of their status,” – said the expert.

According to Mr. Kolesnikov, the warriors of the OUN-UPA was officially equalized with veterans of the great Patriotic war, veterans of the red Army who participated in the civil war. We are talking about the allocation of benefits to these citizens, numbering a little – about 1000 people.

“The financial cost is negligible, as this category is not numerous. We are talking first of all about political symbolism,” – said the political expert.

A. Kolesnikov added that, turns out Ukraine had heroes on one side only. If you remember the events of the great Patriotic war, soldiers of OUN-UPA fought on the other side. Representatives of the OUN-UPA, one way or another, in a different form worked, colaborarea with the German army, with the troops of Hitler’s Wehrmacht. If you recall the figure of Novel Shuhevicha, he had the rank in the German army, and it is possible that in the Waffen SS – Hauptmann, captain, and this fact is absolutely proven.

“Currently, there is a commitment of the Ukrainian government policy of glorification of members of the OUN-UPA, which proclaimed fighters for independence, heroes. At that time, outside of Ukraine, this topic is very sensitive to a number of countries-Ukraine’s neighbors, primarily Poland. The question of OUN-UPA continues to split the Ukrainian society”, – concluded the expert

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