The Queen of great Britain caught breaking the law

 Королеву Великобритании поймали на нарушении закона

British Queen Elizabeth II was accused of driving without wearing a seat belt. Such violation is punishable by a fine of £ 100.

The mistress of the Buckingham Palace photographed when she was driving his Range Rover on a public road from the Sandringham estate. And although the Queen was accompanied by a police escort, the British still resented the fact that Elizabeth II is defying the rules, especially after the recent accident involving her husband Prince Philip, according to with reference to The Daily Mail.

However, the fine Queen in any case is not threatened – she is immune to prosecution and in respect of it cannot be prosecuted.

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II was in an accident on January 17. The car in which he was riding collided with another car and overturned. 97-year-old Duke was not injured.