The purpose of government today is artificial depreciation of the hryvnia – the economist

Целью власти сегодня является искусственное обесценивание гривны – экономист

The forecast of the hryvnia exchange rate set in the state budget – 29,4 UAH per dollar.

This was during a press conference in the information Agency “ГолосUA” said the head of the Committee of economists of Ukraine. Andrew Novak.

Small fluctuations in the moment – is the usual market fluctuations, said the economist.

The forecast of the hryvnia exchange rate set in the state budget, determined the course to 2019 – 29,4 USD for dollar, this suggests that the government together with NBU expects that there will be a devaluation of the hryvnia, said Alexander Novak.

“In recent years, Ukraine has formed a negative trade balance, and this is the basic risk of devaluation. But, on the other hand, we have direct monetary injections from different sources. We have a huge inflow of foreign currency from migrant workers – about $ 10 billion. Despite the negative external trade balance, we have many positive influences on the exchange rate. However, the goal of the government and the National Bank opposite is an artificial devaluation of the national currency, its devaluation. The more expensive foreign currency, the government is better”, – said the economist.

Alexander Novak added that now the country held the exchange rate policy floating exchange rate, and we see that he goes only in one direction – in the direction of devaluation.