The psychologist solved the mystery of the novel with Galkin Pugacheva

Психолог разгадал тайну романа Галкина с Пугачевой

The explanation was quite simple from the point of view of psychology and sexology.

About it writes portal vladtime.

Apparently, psychologists have finally received the answer to the question about why Maksim Galkin chose a woman so much older than him. Apparently, involved in this thinking sexual. It is, above all, about the specific triggers that make a man want a particular woman. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin story is quite eloquent.

Psychologists say that sex is the trigger that they are conventionally called “Alia”, comes directly from my childhood. Maxim Galkin met with Alla even at a very young age and since then it stuck firmly the concept of “successful women”. That is why Maxim at some point early in his career realized that really wants to Alla Pugacheva in all senses: not only as a woman but as a wife and Keeper of his hearth. Conceived of the comic was a success, but despite numerous rumors, the culprit was not the cunning calculation attributed to Galkin.

The expert also notes that the Maxim could not be aware that Alla at some point became the most important woman in his life, because he worked exclusively psychology and chemistry. Both of these processes, complementing each other, and made a couple of Galkin and Pugacheva as it is today. The only problem is that it is unclear how this fit a recent infidelity of the humorist, which had been the buzz all over the Internet.

Previously Maxim Galkin decided to radically change the image.