The protests of “yellow jackets” in Paris: the protesters started moving towards the residence of the Makron

Протесты «желтых жилетов» в Париже: участники акции начали движение к резиденции Макрона

In Paris, the crowd of protesters “yellow jackets” the beginning of the movement from the triumphal arch to the side of the Elysee Palace. The police blocked all the accesses to the residence of the President, as was done previously in other shares “yellow jackets.”

This writes MK.

Near the arch, the police have used tear gas.

It is also reported that police Prefecture reported that in the capital region France Ile-de-France before the action of “yellow jackets” have detained 25 people. Earlier it was reported six of the detainees.

Police continue to conduct searches at stations residing in Paris protestors.

Recall, the Junior Minister at the public accounts of France, Olivier Dussault stated that the prevention of the protests of the “yellow jackets” across the country will cost the budget of 8-10 billion euros.