The protest of the “yellow jackets” In Paris renewed clashes, police first applies a special equipment news ZIK.UA

Протест «жовтих жилетів»: У Парижі відновилися сутички, поліція вперше застосовує спецтехніку – новини ZIK.UA

In Paris the French gendarmerie armored vehicles took up positions in the gable of the French national Assembly (lower house of Parliament).

About it reports TASS.

As the newspaper notes, this is the first deployment in Paris, armored vehicles law enforcement from the time of the pogroms, which hooligans staged in 2005. Then the manifestation of socially disadvantaged cities of the Department of Saint-Denis spread to the capital.

“Only in Paris on Saturday will use 14 of the gendarmerie armored vehicles, painted in blue color. They are equipped with a dozer blade for the destruction of the barricades. The towers are equipped with devices for circular spraying tear gas”, – is spoken in the message.

Note that in Paris also began the first clashes between the activists of the “yellow vests” and police officers.

Demonstrators from the movement “Yellow jackets” organize mass protests for the third weekend in a row. In addition to lower fuel prices, they need to reduce the tax burden and raising the minimum wage.

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