The Prime Minister of France intends to declare a moratorium on raising taxes on fuel – media

Премьер-министр Франции намерен объявить мораторий на повышение налогов на топливо - СМИ

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe intends to declare a moratorium on raising taxes on fuel, which caused mass demonstrations and riots.

On Tuesday the AFP news Agency reported, citing government sources.

According to the Agency, about the government’s decision Philip will report on the meeting with deputies of the party “Republic March”.

As reported by AFP, the introduction of taxes can be postponed for a few months. It is noted that to appease the protesters, the authorities will go and on other concessions, but no details are given.

In France from mid-November held a protest against rising petrol prices. Earlier in Paris, demonstrations took place, which resulted in riots.

Recall that rallies against the increase in fuel prices began in France on November 17. Citizens are protesting against the rise in price of petrol by 2.9 cents, and diesel fuel – by 6.5 per cent on 1 January 2019.

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