The price of apples and pears from November will go up dramatically – expert

Цена на яблоки и груши с ноября резко пойдет вверх – эксперт

The price of apples and pears from November will go up dramatically, as many apples and pears simply do not delegat before winter due to poor quality.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the Director … of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“Apples have not yet been laid for storage. The price we will see a very interesting, and then it abruptly starts to grow. Sharply mean + 1-2 hryvnia per month. You need to consider that we are all the same quality every year is getting worse, though, and collected a good harvestЦена на яблоки и груши с ноября резко пойдет вверх – эксперт, “- said the expert.

According to A. Doroshenko, so we actually take the number, but lose all the time as.

“Based on this and the price of products in the foreign market, for instance, not interesting. Although the domestic price is increasing and reaches in fact its European counterparts. Many apples, like pears, just not Goliath before winter due to poor quality. Dynamics predictions for this winter says that the temperature will be at the level of +2 -3 degrees. In this scenario, we will see that apples and pears have less and less stored because they are perishable. And the price is somewhere from November will go up dramatically. And while the price of apples and pears will grow somewhere on the hryvnia per kilogram,” he said.

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