The President of “Energoatom” called the formula of corruption Rotterdam+

Президент «Энергоатома» назвал коррупционной формулу Роттердам+

The President of NNEGC Energoatom Yuriy Nedashkovsky called formula Rotterdam+ corruption and criticized the new composition of the National Commission for regulation of energy and utilities (NKREKU).

This is stated in the press service of “Energoatom”.

According to Nedashkovsky, the energy community of Ukraine, including foreign partners were waiting for the appointment of a new composition of the national Commission. Unfortunately, this positive change was over, he complained.

“In a hundred days we can say that this change over. The same cliches, the same rhetoric, the same corruption Rotterdam+”, – said the head of the company.

The tariff of “Energoatom” continues to be the lowest in the world, he said.

“Worldwide, the main advantage of nuclear energy is its low fuel component of the tariff is no more than 20%. And we have already more than half. For this indicator we will soon catch up with heat generation. That’s just the price behind already four times. And the efforts of the National Commission, the gap continues to grow,” – said Nedashkovsky.

“And the Commission, according to its Chairman, believes that, “smart framework”. There is no logical explanation for the current shortage of nuclear rate of UAH 13 bn does not exist. Except for one – tariff with scissors continue to cut funds from the state of generation in favor of private,” he added.

As stated by the head of the company, today the so-called order of formation of tariffs: a preliminary review, discussion, meeting way to delay the process and simulation article-by-article analysis of the structure of the tariff. In fact, he long ago pre-determined, said Nedashkovsky.

“He’s actually a long time ago and determined in advance. Determined by reverse calculation on the basis of what must be the wholesale market price, how much to give to private Rotterdam + and how, respectively, to cut the rate of state generation, primarily nuclear,” the .the head of Energoatom.

As an example, he said that calculated by the method NKREKU the payroll for Energoatom in the current year should amount to 9.5 billion UAH, however, the Commission provides in the tariff only 7 billion. “Where is the difference in 2.5 billion? That’s right – the compensation is Rotterdam + on the wholesale market price,” – said Nedashkovsky.

He also appealed to the MPs, stressing that the adoption of a more Pro-European than the law allowed NKREKU to almost unlimited powers and get rid of any influence from the state.

But at the same time has created opportunities to select its membership people who are unable to perform tasks which expect them to Ukrainian society, concluded the head of the company.

Also, recall that on August 17 the national Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU) reported on the need to abolish the formula “Rotterdam” in connection with the onset of the new electricity market.

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