The political scientist: Ukraine has made priorities of the Cabinet for 2019 its pre-election program

Политолог: Гройсман сделал приоритетами Кабмина на 2019 год свою предвыборную программу

Previously voiced by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman five priorities of the Cabinet of Ministers for 2019, are actually a summary of the election program of the political forces with which he is going to go in the next parliamentary elections.

This opinion in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA said political expert Ruslan Bizyaev.

“The previously announced Groisman five priorities of the Cabinet of 2019 are in fact pre-election program of the party with which he intends to go on elections”, – said the analyst.

In particular, as noted by R. Bizyaev, fourth and fifth paragraphs of the announced program and the activities of the Cabinet only indirect relevance.

“The fourth point of the rule of law and fighting corruption is the activities of the Cabinet only distantly related. As it is the problem on a national scale, and not specifically the Prime Minister. The fifth item is associated with the defense of the state and generally is not within the competence of the Cabinet. Because according to the Constitution that deals specifically with the President”, – explained the analyst.

Also, R. Bizyaev reminded that, despite the fact that Groysman associated with the “people’s front”, but he became Prime Minister on the quota of the “block of Petro Poroshenko”.

“This year’s results showed that the Prime Minister is currently more associated with the “people’s front”, talking about all the recent wars this year – for the control of the customs, the export of round timber, for control of the GFS, etc. All these points are points of the fault line of the President”, – said the analyst.

If to analyze political figure, with an eye to the future, then you need to distinguish between the two nuances – who sees himself Groisman in the future and what needs to be done.

“He sees himself in the future a fairly significant figure in Ukrainian politics. And, most of all, give yourself a report that he no longer be Prime Minister. Then how to become the head of an influential parliamentary factions is quite real,” – said the expert.

Therefore, according to R. Bizyaeva, that is, to the maximum objective. Accordingly, under these goals will shape the strategy of the campaign.

“Thus, during the election campaign will show the priorities which the new political force will go in the next parliamentary elections. And the problems which he announced, in principle, cannot be solved in the configuration of the current coalition,” stated the analyst

Therefore, according to him, this “Rubik’s cube” is not going to, but these problems are intractable in nature. Including also due to much external control.

“As for the “new economic model”, as said Groisman, here on the calculation of the fatigue of the population from external control with a view to the formulation of a purely formal independence”, – explained the expert.

R. Bizyaev reminded that Ukraine signed the agreement with the IMF, received his tranche and therefore, the Cabinet hopes for this bill to survive the next 2019.

“In addition, given that statement, about the “new economic model” for Ukraine, was made just now, it is possible to wonder about, and what prevented the Prime Minister talking about this in 2016? After all already then it was clear that the course chosen after Euromaidan leads to a dead end,” said the analyst.

He stressed that the European Association won’t solve the economic problems of Ukraine. But the East is already lost. So, Ukraine, Russia buys more than it sells. In particular, this year, we are buying 20% more than ten months of last year.

“Therefore talk of a “new economic model” from people who had previously warned the Ukrainians that postmaydannoy course is absolutely right – they look a little ridiculous. Although from a political strategy point of view it is correct. Because it meets the needs shown by opinion polls,” concluded R. Bizyaev.

We will remind, on December 18, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a meeting of the government identified five priority areas of work of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2019.

“We are preparing in advance to join in 2019, and today I have the opportunity to submit a plan of action, which is based on five key priorities. The first priority is strengthening of economic growth in 2019, the second priority is good governance, public administration; priority three, which is one of our key issues – development of human capital; priority four – the rule of law and combating corruption; priority fifth, one of the fundamental, is the issue of security and defense of our state,” he said.

Hroisman recalled that since the formation of his government adopted the Programme of action of the Cabinet until 2020, and every year since then, officials say the annual operating programme of action and every quarter and every six months report on the work done.