The political scientist has called a couple of the leading presidential race

Политолог назвал ведущую пару предвыборной президентской гонки

The inclusion of candidates Zelensky as the favourite of pre-election struggle is the absolute technology.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the Director of information-analytical center “Perspective” Paul Rudyak.

The leaders of the race today is “deuce” – Tymoshenko – Poroshenko Poroshenko or Tymoshenko, said the analyst.

“If we speak about the candidacy Zelensky, this absolute technology, this faux candidate. Except “deuce”, is a group of the second plan, which includes Yuriy Boyko, Oleg Lyashko and, in my opinion, Zelensky, and in all circumstances, – Anatoly Gritsenko. Of these five six-second plan one can seriously interfere in the distribution of percent of the leading pair,” – said Mr. Rudyak.

The political expert added that include Zelensky as favorite is a clean technology.

“When we discuss Zelensky, we are working on the technology, and work on technology suggests the fee,” explained Mr. Rudyak.

The analyst added that from the group of presidential candidates that third wave comes, and which has very little ratings, someone can be included in the second group.